We see a world
where music thrives
beyond charted

Astrolabe Musik Theatre creates compelling, multi-disciplinary works, frequently performed in site-specific/alternative venues, by pushing traditional boundaries of classical vocal music.

By imaginatively reinterpreting established repertoire and creating original work, we create cultural connections, reach out to diverse communities and foster active audience engagement. Particularly passionate about Canadian creators and performers, Astrolabe is dedicated to creating, commissioning, and performing works by Canadian artists.

Through performance
we innovate,
create and collaborate
to engage, challenge,
enrich and inspire.

What is an Astrolabe?

Astrolabe: (from the Greek; “star-taker”): A historical navigational instrument used to explore uncharted territory by mapping the stars. Lab: A room or building for experimentation.


unheard – Spring 2018
A potent multi-disciplinary blend of solo vocal works, art photography, and active costuming giving voice to unheard women’s stories, featuring the world premiere of Canadian composer Jeffrey Ryan’s a cappella Unheard songs (poetry by Vancouver Poet Laureate Rachel Rose) and Canadian composer Anna Pidgorna’s electro-acoustic Off the Voice and Mirror, Mirror.


Our production of Barbara Pentland’s The Lake is the subject of a new documentary short from Opus 59 Films, commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre BC Region. Watch it here!